Chlor-Alkali On Site Electrochemical System Electrochlorination Chemical Process Water Treatment


The chlor-alkali industry is one of the largest electrochemical technologies in the world. It is an energy intensive process

On Site Electrochemical System

KALF is the leading manufacturer of an on-site electrochemical system for a long time, the industrial users of chlorine gas, caustic soda, and sodium hypochlorite have had to rely on regular deliveries of these chemicals to sustain their processes.


Kalf specialist to fabricate Electrochlorination plant with own Design.

Chemical Process

Chemical Process

Water Treatment

Our goal is to produce maximum water yield + high quality water + minimum investment &operation cost.

Our goal is to offer advanced technologies as smart engineering solutions that are also economical investments to our clients. We provide Water Treatment Plant, Chlor-akali and Fertilizer plants for Chemical industry and electro-chlorination plants for Oil & Gas and Power Generation industries, based on over many years of worldwide achievement.