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GRE pipes are used in marine, offshore and LNG terminal piping systems for sea water, fresh water, sanitary, drains, scuppers,  non-essential services and so on.

They are good substitutes for traditional marine and offshore pipes because of excellent corrosion resistance and long service life.

The products are widely used in chemical, petroleum, municipal, ships, ocean, brewing, medical and other fields. Marine and off-shore GRE pipes have passed the classification society certification of ABS, DNVGL, LR, BV, RINA, Fire Endurance L3 test, Jet Fire Resistance test and so on.


Products Advantages

  •  High strength, GRE pipe has the same strength as steel pipe.
  • Light weight: 24% weight of ductile iron, it is convenient for installation in the absence of heavy machinery and large tools.
  • Corrosion-resistant: the surface of internal and external can resist many kinds of corrosion chemicals, seawater, freshwater, waste water and bacteria.
  • The long life cycle and low cost: there is almost no maintenance costs after installation and use, and it has higher lifetime compared with steel pipe.

Design Standards

  • Rules and regulations for classification society.
  • IMO A.753(18)  Guidelines for the application of plastic pipes on ships.
  • IMO 2010 FTP International code for application of fire test procedures.
  • ISO14692 Petroleum and natural gas industriesGlass-reinforced plastics(GRP) piping.
  •  ASTM F1173-01 Standard specification for Thermo setting resin fiberglass pipe systems to be used for marine applications.
  • API 15LR Specification for low pressure fiberglass line pipe and fittings.
  • ASTM D2444,ASTM D257, ASTM D1599, ASTM D2412, ASTM D2924, ISO 75-2:2004.