Ballast Water Management System

Project Objective – Stage 1

  • Develop design into a prototype
  • Test efficacy and environmental saftey of prototype
  • Obtain initial or Basic approval from IMO


  • Develop design into a prototype


  • Test efficacy and environmental safety of prototype


  • Obtain Initial or Basic Approval from IMO


                        Technological Concept                                                                                       Elysis Guard

Latest Development

  • IMO BWMC enters into force 12 months after ratification by >= 30 states representing 35% of the world merchant shipping gross tonnage
  • As at Nov 14, 43 states ratified the Convention, representing 32.54% of world merchant shipping gross tonnage
  • US legislation requires the ballast water treatment system (BWTS) to be type approved
  • The USCG treatment discharge standard is the same as the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention D-2 Standard

Stage 2 Plan

  • Finalise Stage 2 agreement with MPA
  • New entity to raise additional funding
  • Secure ship for stage 2 tests
  • Engage consultants, independent labs, classification society
  • Fabricate systems for land based and ship board tests
  • Documentation
  • Tests – both IMO and USCG to be performed concurrently
  • IMO G9 Final Approval
  • IMO G8 Type Approval
  • USCG Approval
  • Patent filing

Timeline – Stage 2

  • Estimated around 2.5 years
  • Duration can be reduced if ship for testing can be secured earlier (current estimate = 10 months)
  • Key milestones*

  –  Land Based testing  Apr 2016

  –  IMO G9 Final Approval Submission  Nov 2016

  –  Ship Board Testing  Jan 2017

  –  USCG Type Approval Submission   Oct 2017

  –  IMO G8 Type Approval Submission   Dec 2017

* Assumption – Dates based on project start date of 1 Oct 2015.  Dates can be made earlier if we can start the project earlier

Support needed from MPA

  • Funding
  • Secure ship for testing
  • Past researchers to share their experience