On Site Electrochemical System

KALF is the leading manufacturer of an on-site electrochemical system for a long time, the industrial users of chlorine gas, caustic soda, and sodium hypochlorite have had to rely on regular deliveries of these chemicals to sustain their processes. With our innovative and cost-effective on-site generation technology, the expense and the safety risks of using these delivered chemicals are the concerns of the past. OurĀ elysisCHEM electrochemical generating system has the capability of producing 1200 to 9600 kg of Caustic Soda equivalent per day with the concentration of 20%, and generating 10% – 12.5% (ultra-pure) concentration of sodium hypochlorite solution (please contact us for more information).


Sodium hypochlorite from mono-polar diaphragm electrolyzer more for a small plant, KALF able to design and supply customized Caustic Soda / Sodium Hypochlorite plant for our client.

In the diaphragm cell process, there are two compartments separated by a permeable diaphragm, often made of asbestos fibers. Brine is introduced into the anode compartment and flows into the cathode compartment. Similarly to the Membrane Cell, chloride ions are oxidized at the anode to produce chlorine, and at the cathode, water is split into caustic soda and hydrogen. The diaphragm prevents the reaction of the caustic soda with the chlorine. A diluted caustic brine leaves the cell. The caustic soda must usually be concentrated to 50% and the salt removed. This is done using an evaporative process with about three tonnes of steam per tonne of caustic soda. The salt separated from the caustic brine can be used to saturate diluted brine. The chlorine contains oxygen and must often be purified by liquefaction and evaporation.

KALF elysisCHEM Diaphragm electrolyzer to produce the disinfectant sodium hypochlorite from salt on your own site without pressurized chlorine gas. Our electrochemical plant has a modular design by electrolyzing of brine solution.

elysisCHEM electrochemical system suitable for small and medium size of chemical plant, it is an alternative chemical plant for small & medium capacity compare to chlor-alkali plant users find it beneficial because it is cost effective, easy to operate and it eliminates the risks associated with handling and storage of dangerous chemicals, which are the inherited part of the chlor-alkali plant.

On-site Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) generation requires only salt and electricity to produce caustic soda and sodium hypochlorite. Unlike the conventional 12% to 15% hypochlorite which is purchased periodically and which degrades over a course of time, Sodium Hypochlorite generated onsite stays constant, maintaining its strength.