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Ballast Water Management System

High Efficiency elysisGuardTM Series Ballast Water Treatment System Capacity From 500 to 5000m³/hr

Ballast water is seawater or fresh water used to stabilize hull balance when unloading cargoes. Such seawater contains local plankton, bacteria, viruses, mud and sand of the unloading port where the ballast water is taken.

As the ballast water is discharged together with the plankton, etc. at another port, it possibly impacts the ecosystem in the sea area, causing a global-scale environmental damage.

elysisGuardTM Series ballast water management system consist of filters, EC cells, DC power, TRO, and Local control panel system.

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This Reaction Can Be Simplified In The Following Manner:

Seawater + Energy = Treated Water to Tank


Seawater/ Fresh water + DC Electricity = ●OH + Cl2 + O3 +H2

 Advantages of elysisGuardTM

  • Inline design (easy for existing ship modification)
  • Very low power consumption
  • Forced air hydrogen gas dilution and purging.
  • Titanium material for increased efficiency.
  • No hazardous waste stream.
  • Best use of space (i.e. Modularly built, easy expansion etc)
  • Small footprint or installation in loose modules
  • The ballast water is fully treated at uptake only NOT at discharge.