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Seawater ElectroChlorination

KALF‘s elysisPURE series seawater electrochlorinator have demonstrated reliable, economic and low maintenance operation in numerous installations throughout the world. KALF systems range in capacity from 120 to 24,000kg / day / module. KALF systems had been used for biofouling control in power plants, cooling towers, liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, offshore platform and desalination facilities, as well as coastal installations using seawater for cooling or other process needs.

Flow Diagram of elysisPURE Series Seawater ElectroChlorination System


Generation Principle

Seawater is injected into our EC cells and then electrolyzed with direct current (DC power). The anode produced is chlorine gas and the cathode produced is sodium hydroxide and hydrogen. These two substances react with each other to form sodium hypochlorite solution.

This reaction can be simplified in the following manner:

Seawater + Energy = Sodium Hypochlorite

Softened water + Salt + Energy = Sodium Hypochlorite


NaCl + H2O + DC Supply = NaOCl + H2