Seawater Electrochlorination

KALF Engineering is a manufacturer of water and chemical engineering solutions for Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Chemical industries. We have a diverse portfolio of customers from various parts of the world.KALF Engineering Pte Ltd is incorporated in Singapore with ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

Our R&D is located in Singapore Science Park were we work tirelessly developing new technologies and enhancing our current products.Our commitment to R&D keeps us at the top of the global technological development, which we translate to our clients thought innovative, high quality products.

We offer advanced technologies as smart engineering solutions which are also economical investments for our clients. Some examples of these solutions are:

  • Chlorination plant – often for power generation plants and oil & gas on/off-shore platforms
  •  Chlor-alkali plant and Fertilizer plant for Chemical Industries


Generation Principle

This reaction can be simplified in the following manner:

Seawater + Energy = Sodium Hypochlorite


Softened water + Salt + Energy = Sodium Hypochlorite


NaCl + H2 O + DC Supply = NaOCl + H2

KALF ENGINEERING PTE LTD is a specialist in electro-chlorination plant design and manufacturing.We have many years of onsite working experience, providing a complete service; from design, manufacturing and equipment delivery, to the installation of all the mechanical and electrical components. We coordinate work with sub-contractors to complete civil works including concrete slabs or fencing, and we do commissioning and training.

The elysisPURE electro-chlorinator is an alternative disinfection solution for small or large water treatment systems. Users find it beneficial because it is cost effective, easy to operate and it eliminates the risks associated with handling and storage of dangerous chemicals, which are the inherited part of other disinfection practices.

On-site Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) generation requires only seawater and electricity to produce sodium hypochlorite.

Unlike the conventional 12% to 15% hypochlorite which is purchased periodically and which degrades over a course of time, Sodium Hypochlorite generated onsite stays constant, maintaining its strength.

Reasons to Choose an On-Site Electrolytic Chlorination Plant


Elimination of risks associated with the transport, storage, handling and dosing of dangerous chlorine gas or highly concentration chlorine solutions

Increased Efficiency

Fully automated on-site production with longer stability of products


Savings by ending the expensive chlorine deliveries and eliminating the associated safety expenses

Equipment Technology

Our system is adjustable to the existing installations, water system parameters, and local climate conditions

Automated Process

Our system has a fully automated process control which reduces the need for personnel

Seawater System

KALF’s elysisPURE seawater electro-chlorinators have demonstrated reliable and economic operations with low maintenance requirements in numerous installations throughout the region.

The elysisPURE seawater electro-chlorinators have been used for biofouling control in power plants, cooling towers, liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, offshore platforms and desalination facilities, as well as coastal installations using seawater for cooling and other processes.

KALF Engineering elysisPURE Electrolyser Types

Advantages of Seawater Industrial Electro-Chlorination System

  • The system produces consistent NaOCl in a continuous process. (It is simple operation requiring no down time for regeneration )
  • It is fully insulated system, without exposed DC busbars or electrical connections, which offers greater personnel safety
  • Forced air hydrogen gas dilution and purging to the safe discharge limit
  • Titanium with MMO coating is used on anodes for increased efficiency (Platinum-Iridium)
  • Integrated real time monitoring
  • Reduce Facility Requirements
  • No Hazardous Waste Streams
  • Designed for best use of space (i.e. modularly built, easy expansion, )
  • On line monitor control
  • Cost effective, reliable